Toenail home remedies

The fungus is the singular of fungi. It is a eukaryote that digests food externally and absorbs
nutrients directly through its cell walls. Most fungi reproduce by spores and have a body called
thallus composed of microscopic tabular cells called hyphae. Fungi are known as heterotrophs
and obtain their carbon and energy from other organisms. Some fungi obtain their food from
living things, for example, plant, and animal. These are called biotrophs. Human beings, from the very birth, have been vulnerable to various types of diseases. These diseases are unwanted factors that hinder the human’s everyday business of life. One of such diseases is the toenail fungus. Let’s have a look at fungus that what it is? The fungus is the singular of fungi.

Onychomycosis is the medical term used for toenail fungus. It is either the infection of toenail or fingernails. Research indicates that 50 % of the nail cases have been dominated by this disease. It
is a common treatable disease but a contagious medical condition. Proper detection and diagnosis
of the disease may help individuals to nip the evil at the bud. Early treatment of the disease may
increase the chances of success and long term damage to toenails or fingernails.
The broad name of this fungal infection is known as dermatophytes.

The fungus usually invades the nail at the free edge and then spreads down the side toward the base. Fungal infections are more likely to affect toenails than fingernails, as fungi grow better in warm, moist conditions commonly associated with wearing shoes and socks. As the fungus attack toenails, therefore, this disease plunges the patient into undesirable conditions in the perspective of social life.
Toenail fungus infection (TFI) occur more often in feet than hands, probably due to their warm,
the moist environment created by wearing socks and shoes and the fact that we do not wash our feet
as often as we do our hands. There is less blood circulation in feet as compared to hands. The
insufficient blood circulation in feet makes it hard for the immune system to fight against the
caused by fungi.

If no action is taken to destroy the fungus, the condition will worsen and eventually, the toenail will have a distorted shape, the color may become green, brown, or black, and the toes may begin to emit a foul odor. If the toenail fungus becomes particularly severe, the toenail may be lost, causing considerable pain and making the toe even more vulnerable to additional infection.

Natural Remedies of Toenail

  • Oregano Oil

Mostly found in the Mediterranean, oregano is a woody plant, beneficial in viral, bacterial and
fungal infections. One of its components is called carvacrol, that is extremely efficient in fungal
infections. It is highly recommended to use oregano oil is fungal conditions.

  • Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a herb found in Southeast Asia, East and West India, South America, Australia,
Africa and the United States of America. This plant has antiviral and antibacterial properties due
to which it is very effective in treatments of toenail infections.

  • Horopito

As New Zealand is a unique country, similarly horopito is the unique plant found only in New
Zealand that is in the continent named Australia. This plant contains polygodial which is highly
beneficial in the fungal infections of the toenail.

  • Olive Leaf Extract

One of the ancient natural ways of treatments is the Olive Leaf Extract to heel many ailments of human beings. Oleuropein is the chemical agent responsible for treating many illnesses of the
body. Here so the case with the toenail disease that it can be rectified by the use of Olive Leaf
Extract. This is a better substance. This chemical is resistant to harsh weather conditions.
The olive extract increases blood circulation helping the immune system to fight against diseases
of the body including the toenail infection.

  • Garlic

Garlic is also one of the natural solutions to toenail fungal disease. This was once considered as mere folklore that garlic has a remedial function but it has now been proved by the recent scientific
research that garlic is one of the most effective remedies. Furthermore, garlic plays an important
role in the treatment of toenail disorder. This wonder food continues to show its promise in the
field of health and wellness because of the over one hundred useful chemicals it contains.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca is the other named used for Tea Tree. It is one of the most effective treatments for the
fungal infections. Pain Tree Oil paste is directly applied to the affected areas of the nail twice
daily with a cotton swab.

  • Vinegar

The use of vinegar is also effective in the treatment of toenail disorder. Vinegar has antifungal
properties and may completely destroy fungal infections.
Baking Soda. The chemical name of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda actually has significant
antifungal effects. It is extremely effective in the treatment of toenail disease.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another treatment used for the remedy of toenail illness. It is an effective natural
remedy for the treatment of fungal diseases. This oil has health-promoting effects. Moreover,
coconut oil is a powerful antifungal agent determined to destroy fungal disorders.
Snakeroot Extract Ageratina pichinchensis is the biological name of the snakeroot plant. It is highly effective in toenail disease.

  • Corn Meal

One of the more interesting remedies for toenail fungus is to use cornmeal. Additionally,
organic cornmeal is one of the most effective natural remedies for toenail disorders. Corn is
naturally home to a bundle of fungus that is beneficial to human health.

  • Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is highly effective in the treatment of toenail fungal diseases. It is also one of the
natural remedies.

  • Eucalyptus

This plant is very effective in the treatment of toenail disorders. It is loved by people because of
its fresh scent. This plant has antifungal properties. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the
treatment of fungal diseases.

  • Pau d’arco Tea

This is a tree found in South America having healing properties. The tree contains antifungal
properties due to which it can treat treatments of toenail fungal diseases. A tea is made from the
inner bark of this tree.

Stomp Feet in Mush:

Corneal is the main ingredient in Mush. Mush foot soak sounds juvenile but making mush and
wiggling toes in it can cure the toenail problem. Consume More Fiber, Protein Consuming more of a high fiber diet is advantageous for health. This helps in the prevention of many diseases including the fungal and viral diseases. Additionally, these fiber and protein help to prevent or make a remedy of fungal infections like toenail infections. Above are some of the natural remedies that can help cure toenail disease.

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