Benefits of Neem Oil For Hair and Skin

Neem Oil for hair and skin

Neem Oil For Hair and Skin

Neem oil is especially indicated in cases of skin infections. It is a very therapeutic oil with bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the attacks of bacteria on the skin and hair.

Neem oil is one of the most used in Ayurvedic medicine. Like almost all essential oils, it hydrates and nourishes the skin in depth and is particularly useful in case of acne, infection or skin diseases thanks to the bactericidal properties of neem oil. Do not be fooled by its oily texture, vegetable oils absorb quickly, strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and maintain an optimal balance in the production of sebum.

What Neem Oil is Most Effective For

Sensitive skin. Neem oil is especially indicated in the treatment of sensitive skin. It is a very therapeutic oil with anti-inflammatory properties. Consult which are the best vegetable and essential oils for sensitive skin. We also suggest that once a week, apply a homemade mask to soothe sensitive skin.

Infections of the skin. Neem vegetable oil is especially indicated in the treatment of skin diseases because it is an oil with bactericidal properties. If you suffer from acne, it is one of the most appropriate. Make your own natural cosmetics knowing what are the best vegetable oils and essential for acne skin. We also suggest that, once a week, apply a homemade astringent mask.

Infectious diseases of the scalp. Anything that has to do with undesirable bacteria or bugs (such as dandruff or lice) will be considerably reduced with the continued use of neem oil. Apply it in the form of a mask while it hydrates, repairs and nourishes the hair in depth. Take a look at our home remedies for dandruff and see what their causes and natural solutions are.

Anti-mosquito Just as it scares away unwanted bacteria or bugs (even in the organic garden, it is a good insecticide), neem oil also scares off mosquitoes in summer. To avoid being bitten, apply the oil to the body … its smell will take them away. You can also make a natural anti-mosquito product with neem oil.

Strengthener of hair If you are worried about hair loss, neem oil will be a good ally that you will have to store in your natural hair care kit. As in the case of hair infections, apply it as a mask and replace your industrial dye (increases the risk of bladder cancer) by natural henna.

Herpes. Both to prevent the spread of herpes and to cure it, the neem oil together with the matchless tea tree make a good pair.

Home Remedies With Neem Oil

Take a look at some of these homemade and natural remedies with neem oil:

Treatment of Skin Infections

This formula that we are going to propose is indicated in case of acne, dermatitis, skin infections, herpes, wounds, etc. Dilute 10 drops of tea tree essential oil + 5 drops of lavender essential oil in 30ml of neem oil and apply it to the skin, moistening it with chamomile hydroxide.

Treatment to Strengthen Hair

Add to your organic shampoo 10% of its capacity in neem oil + 5 drops of rosemary essential oil + 5 drops of myrrh essential oil + 5 drops of cedar essential oil. You can also apply a mask of neem oil all over the hair and let it act for a whole day (or at night).

Mode of use, Conservation, and Precautions of Neem Oil

  • Neem oil is an emmenagogue, which means that it promotes the production of estrogen. Do not use it in case of pregnancy.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes.
  • Make sure that any vegetable oil you buy has an ecological origin to avoid pesticides. Learn to buy organic.
  • Contrary to what happens with the precautions we must take with essential oils, vegetable oils do not require formulation or dosage to be applied.
  • Keep it in an opaque glass container away from light and heat so that it retains its properties for longer. Vegetable oils, once opened, usually last between 6 months and a year. When it becomes red, you will notice it immediately because of its difference in smell.
  • If you want to delve into the pillars of natural cosmetics we suggest you to know what are the essential oils, properties, and benefits of clay on the skin, the best floral waters for each type of skin and the best fruits for the skin.

Benefits of Neem Oil For Hair

neem oil for hair

Every girl dreams to have a shining and healthy hair like Rapunzel. It does not matter if you are born with healthy hair or with a rebellious mane, it is important to take care of those braids. Neem is a magical plant that helps not only for the treatment that effectively and safely forms skin problems, but also the problems of the scalp and hair.

If you are tired of using chemical hair products that make great promises, but disappoint when it comes to results, then stop looking and just keep reading to discover some simple DIY with neem that will prove miraculous to your hair.

It is used to treat dandruff and hair loss: To reduce hair loss and to get rid of dandruff, boil a handful of neem leaves in 2 cups of water until the leaves change color and the water turns greenish. Use this water as the last rinse after washing your hair. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of neem will help you get rid of dandruff keep your scalp healthy and help when it comes to stimulating hair growth.

reduces the itching of the scalp: To address the problem of dandruff and scalp itching you can also apply a paste of neem powder and water and let it sit for an hour followed by your normal shampoo and conditioner.

improves the rate of hair growth: Neem has regenerative properties that help reduce hair loss. A massage oil on the scalp with neem oil can increase blood circulation in the scalp and help improve the rate of hair growth. It can be mixed with one of your favorite carrier oils (olive, almond, coconut, jojoba, etc.) too.

Hair conditions: Just as neem can be used to moisturize dry skin, it can also be used as a natural conditioner for dry and shiny hair. Simply make a paste of neem leaves boiled in water and honey and apply to the hair and then wash your hair regularly, and your hair dry and wild to be well conditioned, dandruff free and without frizz.

Treat all the related scalp problems: Another hair mask that will help your hair’s deep condition can be made by mixing neem powder with amla powder, Shikakai and Reetha powder with water and lemon juice. Apply this to your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing it with your usual shampoo. The ingredients of the package will help to keep scalp problems at bay while retaining moisture in the hair and prevent dryness.

Maintains scalp health: If you apply henna to your hair regularly, just add 2 tablespoons. Neem powder with henna powder, 1 tbsp. yogurt, lemon, black tea and 1 tbsp. of coffee. The henna help moisturize the hair, while the neem will keep your scalp healthy.

Treats baldness: Most of us believe that baldness is a cosmetic problem. But the fact is less known than baldness can also be the result of a long-term treatment with strong medications. Such cases of baldness can be cured using neem.

Neem makes hair stronger against hair loss and restore hair loss as well. The regular use of neem as a hair mask and neem water as a rinse promotes hair growth. Neem also triggers the normal operation of the scalp in order to ensure hair growth.

Benefits of Neem Oil For Skin

neem oil for skin

Neem proves to be a miracle for people with problematic skin. Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Neem is a blessing for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Benefits of Neem are vitamin C, which helps get rid of skin problems such as black spots, pigmentation, dullness and aging thus leaving the skin with a youthful glow.

Here are some ways that you can use to get that neem shiny skin you’ve always wanted:

Eliminate acne and dark pigmentation: Boil a mixture of approximately 20 neem leaves in half a liter of water until the leaves are smooth and colored, and the water turns green. Strain and store in a jar. Use this liquid as a tonic simply dip a cotton ball in it and wipe your face with every night. Regular use will help in cleaning acne, scars, pigmentation and blackheads.

Prevent accurance of Blackheads: In the event that you have a skin suffering from blackheads, dilute the neem oil with water and apply over the blackheads. Make sure you do not use more than 2 to 3 drops of neem oil. Applying this regularity will help you get rid of black dots and also prevent them from coming back.

Treat skin infection: To get rid of the skin infection, to prepare the previous mixture and add about 100 ml of it to the bath waters.

Prevent outbreaks: To get rid of acne, take about 10 sheets of neem, boil them with small segments of orange peel in a little water. When they become a little soft, cook a little and then pound into a pulp. Apply this to the face and let it stand until it starts drying after which it can be washed with cold water. This package will help you clean acne and prevent rashes. It also helps to get rid of pimples and blacks. In case you have very dry skin, you can add some honey and yogurt for this package.

Activate skin clear: Another effective remedy for acne and pimples using neem is to make a paste of neem leaves and turmeric and use it twice a week. Regular use gives the skin clear and perfect. You can also add a “little grated cucumber to it too.

Treat pimples: Like Neem, Tulsi is another herb that is known to have many benefits for the skin. Grind together some neem leaves with a handful of tulsi leaves or you can use powder if both are available. Mix with rose water to form a paste and apply it to cure naturally grains.

Controls excess sebum: Because of the beauty of the oily skin you are looking for some control sebum can make a paste by mixing neem powder with lemon juice and a little yogurt. This not only to control excess oil, but also to prevent acne and infections that are common problems associated with this type of skin.

Add light to the skin: To have a radiant skin with white skin, mix neem with powder of rose petals, yogurt and a little milk to make a smooth paste. Apply and let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with water that is mixed with 2-3 tablespoons. water of roses. You can also add more open ground or chickpea flour for this package to make an exfoliant.

Clarifies the pigmentation of the skin: To get rid of the pigmentation and spots on the skin, mix the neem powder, Tulsi powder, sandalwood powder and rose water to make a fine paste. Apply the paste on the face and let it dry before washing with cold water. Regular use will help lighten the points.

Treat dry skin: Not many people know neem’s moisturizing properties, but even so, neem helps to get rid of dry skin without it being oily to give a very balanced. Mix the neem powder with a little water and a few drops of grape seed oil and apply it to your face.

Delays early signs of skin aging: Neem contains stimulating compounds of the immune system and regenerative properties that help the skin to fight pathogens below the surface of the skin while keeping the skin soft remain. Applying neem oil on the face or adding neem powder to your face packs helps soothe the skin and reduce the effects of aging.

Treat infections and skin allergies: Neem has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that help soothe the skin if you suffer from any skin allergy or infection. Boil neem leaves and apply water on the allergy after the fridge to cool.

Cure Psoriasis: Psoriasis is a disease of the skin that is not only painful, but also leaves the skin looking burned. The most common problem associated with this disease is dryness and peeling. Neem oil helps to get rid of itching and irritation. It also helps to keep the skin hydrated thus reducing dryness and peeling. The anti-bacterial properties also prevents the development of a greater infection of the skin.

 Treat Eczema: Eczema is a disease of the skin that makes the skin dry and itchy. Neem provides immediate relief and long-term eczema. It also cleans effectively rashes caused due to eczema. You can boil the neem crust in water and use its mass, like a pack against Eczema.

How to Use Neem Oil

Faced with the dangers of industrial cosmetics, we usually say that there is nothing as effective as vegetable oils when it comes to replacing industrial creams, for its ease of use, for its practice and, above all, for its obvious effects on the skin as soon as they start to be used. But neem oil has certain peculiarities compared to other vegetable oils more used in natural cosmetics. Neen oil stands out for its fungicidal and bactericidal properties, which is very good in case of suffering different types of infection. But it has a rather strong and unpleasant smell. So, yes, you may find it less fun to use neem oil than other vegetable oils, but you should not underestimate it in the areas where this oil is more effective than others and which we will explain below:

As a moisturizing / nourishing facial and body oil: If you want to take advantage of its therapeutic properties, it is best to make a cosmetic mix with vegetable and essential oils to get the most out of all of them. Depending on your skin type, you will be interested in some oil or others. Without a doubt, neem oil is always recommended in case of acne or skin infections. Consult the most suitable for dry skin, oily skin, mature skin, children’s skin. Another option is to incorporate the neem oil to your natural cream with beeswax, replacing the olive oil with neem oil. Of course, you can also use it on your own, by toning your skin with a hydrolate.

In capillaries and facial masks: Neem oil can also be used to treat infections or capillary bacterial attacks (dandruff, lice, etc.) by adding it to homemade hair masks. Whether it’s a homemade facial mask or a hair mask, it’s important that you learn how to make homemade and natural masks, combining elements as interesting as clays or fruit therapy with vegetable and essential oils.

To exfoliate: To use the neem oil as the basis of an exfoliation, mix it with sea salt, green clay or other natural elements to exfoliate the skin and make small circles to eliminate the dead layers and stimulate the growth of new cells. With these ingredients, you will get a cleansing of the deep layers of the skin and the supply of essential nutrients for your health.