Natural Ways to Get Beauty Sleep & Tips to Catching Beauty Sleep

Natural Ways to Get Beauty Sleep

The magic hour, we daydream about all day at work/school – falling asleep after a long day. Often times more than not, POOF! out of thin air, a late night boost of energy decides to visit & we find ourselves drawn to other things after arriving home. On top of that, the latest episode of New Girl has your mind running a mile a minute. After some time settling in at home, too frequently we find ourselves having a difficult time winding down as our minds are still running from the day. Simple as it may seem in theory – falling asleep can be a challenge. We’ve collected a few techniques to work into your routine, a set of habits that will benefit you in the long run.

Take Notes

Keep tabs on sleeping patterns, this well help visually keep an eye out for your sleeping schedule. Keeping sleep consistent will help as the weeks move forward.

Environment is Everything!

Making effort to keep your sleeping space as clean, cool, and comfortable is key to keeping your mind at ease and ready for sleep. Also is important to wear breathable/comfortable clothing to allow for an easy night of rest.

The term “Counting Sheep” has lasted through the generations because it actually works! Think about a few airy topics. Possibly watering a garden or swimming in a never ending a lake – guaranteed by the time you make it to the other side of the river, you will deep into a sleep.

Stretch It Out

20 minutes before bed – stretch, but lightly! Not enough to strain your muscles, but lightly enough to let your muscles know it’s time for sleep.


After a few Seinfeld reruns, checking up on your text messages and reading your emails online – the screens must be turned OFF (or on silent if you are part of the millennial generation.) We look at our screens all day, an incentive for staying awake is looking at a screen.

Make a Sleep Mask

of course these are sold in all shapes and sizes although an impromptu sleep mask may be the way to go. An old tie, pillowcase or scarf will do the trick just fine.

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