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When a toothache strikes, the only thing that you want to get is a Toothache Pain Relief that is safe and free from any side effects. Those who are looking for ways on how to get rid of the constant pain that they feel with a toothache should learn how they can eradicate the pain and make it easy for them to handle the pain.

There are certain natural home remedies that are known to be tried and tested for many years now and have provided relief for people who are troubled with their toothache.

Toothache Pain Causes

Having a toothache can be tough. The area where the pain comes from seems to be tiny, but the pain is just so real that it gives you a headache. It can prevent you from speaking, eating and even sleeping effectively. Yes, you might not be able to go to work if you have a really bad toothache.

A toothache may be caused by several factors. In this article, you will learn about the most common causes of the pain.

Tooth Decay :

Tooth decay can be simply described as damage to the teeth. This damage causes teeth cavities. People who eat food high in sugar and carbohydrates are more prone to having tooth decay. This is because tooth decay happens when food stays trapped on or within a person’s teeth. The food can combine with bacteria in the mouth, along with saliva, eventually forming plaque.

When plaque clings to the teeth, it dissolves the enamel (outer coating of the teeth), and this is what causes cavities. Cavities, when not treated, can become bigger and will damage the dentin as well. When your teeth are damaged, you will start to feel pain whenever you eat something sweet or drink something hot or cold.

Abscessed tooth :

An abscessed tooth is usually a result of severe tooth decay and may result to the long and throbbing pain that may be accompanied by swollen gums and fever. If you suspect an abscessed tooth, consider consulting a dentist immediately. An abscessed tooth is particularly painful because the infection from the tooth decay has already entered the center of the tooth, also known as the pulp.

From here, the bacterial infection spreads to the root of the tooth up to the bones. Root canal therapy, surgery, and tooth extraction may be done in order to treat abscessed tooth.

Tooth Grinding :

Occasionally, you may see people with clenched teeth whenever they are stressed or angry. While this can be normal, there are others who unconsciously grind their teeth when they are asleep. This condition is also known as bruxism and may cause tooth pain.

Teeth grinding can be caused by sleep disorders, missing teeth and bad bites. People who frequently grind their teeth will experience a headache and a sore jaw along with a toothache.

Just like in the case of having an abscessed tooth, it is important to consult your dentist right away if you suspect yourself of teeth grinding, as your dentist might prescribe the use of a mouth guard or engaging in physical therapy, along with following a certain diet.

Gum infection :

You have probably heard of terms like gingivitis and periodontitis. Both of these are associated with gum disease. Gingivitis refers to gum inflammation while periodontitis refers to gum disease, a more progressed version of gingivitis. Gum infection is caused by the buildup of plaque and bacteria which irritate the teeth.

This causes the gum to bleed, even when you are simply brushing your teeth. While pain may not be immediately felt and the teeth do not seem to be affected right away, the infection and bacteria can grow and spread to the bone and tissue that hold the teeth. When this happens, both the bone and gum tissue are destroyed, causing both pain and loss of the tooth.

Ear Infection :

An inner ear infection may also result in a toothache as if your head painful was not enough. From the time the infection causes pain and reaches your teeth, however, many people took measures to heal it and know about the ear infection.

Home Remedies for Toothache

Severe toothaches require instant dental attention but the mild toothaches can always be healed using natural home remedies. Different people will have different results using natural remedies for toothache.

Therefore, it is important to experiment with some home remedies in order to understand the remedy that best works for your teeth. If there is nothing that shows positive results then you might have to go for a permanent solution. Some of the best home remedies that can be tried out for instant Toothache Pain Relief are as follows:

Toothache Home Remedy #1: Raw Garlic

Raw garlic is the best home remedy for toothache only if you do not have an allergy to raw garlic. The crushed clove of raw garlic helps in alleviating toothache pain at a very fast pace. Garlic contains antibiotic compounds which can effectively be used for treating different types of ailments.

Garlic can also be used for stopping gum pain. It also has the capacity of killing harmful bacteria which might be responsible for severe pain in the tooth. Garlic is very strong in its raw form and therefore you must take care not to ingest too much raw garlic because this can disturb the digestive system of your body.

Toothache Home Remedy #2: Whiskey

Using whiskey in the form of a toothache remedy is temporary. However, it must be noted that whiskey has a certain numbing effect on the tooth and thus it helps in making the toothache pain bearable. If you want to try whiskey for your toothache pain then you can either swish brandy or whiskey in your mouth for at least thirty seconds.

You can also soak a cotton ball in alcohol and then place this ball around your tooth for one or two minutes. This procedure helps in getting instant relief from toothache pain.

Toothache Home Remedy #3: Vanilla Extract

Same as whiskey, the vanilla extract also has a numbing effect on the tooth that pains and gives temporary relief from a toothache. It can simply be used in the form of a mouthwash and swished around the mouth for minimum thirty seconds prior to spitting it out.

The procedure can be repeated as required for numbing the toothache pain.

Toothache Home Remedy #4: Clove or Clove Oil

Clove or clove oil is a home remedy for toothache that is widely accepted by people throughout the world. It is one method that is being tried out for centuries and has always worked well on toothache pain which is caused due to dry socket.

It is a home remedy that can be applied very easily. All you need to do is place a clove in the sore region of your tooth and crush it. Keep chewing the clove until the toothache pain subsides. Clove can be substituted for clove oil or you can even make a paste of crushed cloves and water to be applied to the aching tooth.

This paste can also be made using crushed cloves and olive oil. It is always best to go for the paste option because it gives you the flexibility of molding it the way you want without the requirement of holding it in place.

Toothache Home Remedy #5: Onion

Onion is a toothache pain relief remedy that acts very fast on the aching tooth. If you want to get the best results instantly then make sure to use an onion that is freshly cut.

Slice the onion and try sticking it in your mouth especially around the sum region or the region of the sore tooth. Try squeezing the onion a bit for releasing onion juice in the sore area. This will help you in feeling better within a very short span of time.

Toothache Home Remedy #6: Ice Cubes

This is a usual home remedy that can help for the pain to subside, whether you place it inside or outside of the affected area.

Toothache Home Remedy #7: Salt and warm water

One of the traditional ways for Toothache Pain Relief, dissolve about a tablespoon of salt in warm water and gargle it. You just have to wait for a few minutes for it to take effect and relieve the pain.

Toothache Home Remedy #8: Ginger

Using ginger on the toothache is just a generally employed home remedy for the pain, even though it won’t disinfect the tooth. You can buy a bit of ginger root at the supermarket.

Cut a slice of ginger from the root that is larger off and remove the outside skin of the root, making just the ginger that is moist. Place of ginger on the affected place and bite down. Hold your morsel for at least two units, then remove the ginger. Repeat as essential to relieve the pain.

Toothache Home Remedy #9: Tea Tree Oil

If you have an infection, tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils you can use to treat it. Tea tree is a very potent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agent that cures just about anything. I once had a wisdom tooth become severely infected, only to be told I couldn’t get an appointment for another week. I applied Tea Tree Oil twice daily and was able to kill the infection completely.

Prevention of Toothache

To be spared from the nuisance of memorizing certain remedies for Toothache Pain Relief, prevention is always the best option that you can get. For you to prevent such problem all that you have to do is to do hygienic practices regularly for your gums and teeth will be free from any cavity-causing substances.

With all of this information in mind, you should be wary of what you should do to prevent a toothache and use any remedies to relieve the pain from your tooth.

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