Healthy Eating Replacements to Make ASAP

Healthy Eating Replacements to Make ASAP

Eating healthy can be a dramatic effort on your part majority of the times when attempting to eat right & make healthier choices, but what if it didn’t have to be? What if you could simply replace a few items in your diet with something else, a simple replacement much more HEALTHIER and SMARTER for the advancement of your system – without even noticing? We’ve collected a few supplements for you to integrate into your diet for a step in the right direction towards a healthier lifestyle. Bon Appetit!

Rice vs. Quinoa:

As a complete protein based grain Quinoa carry a hefty amount of amino acids, iron, magnesium, copper, fiber and calcium. On the other side, white rice is a carbohydrate that may have slightly fewer calories per serving than Quinoa but carries no weight due to the idea that rice turns into sugar/unwanted fats after we eat vs. Quinoa transforming into a clean protein that serves as a good source of nutrition.

Mayo vs. Mustard:

Classic Mayonnaise favorite collected from days where mother’s & children could care less about the contents or calorie count behind the infamous condiment. Most aren’t aware that mayo contains sugar & saturated fat, whereas Mustard does not relate to health threats, only benefits.

Vegetable Oil vs. Coconut Oil:

Used mostly for cooking or recipes, Vegetable Oil and Coconut Oil often times share the same purpose but what if you could use an oil to help you shed those undesirable pounds. The fat in Coconut Oil is compiled of about 66 percent medium-chain triglycerides, which is used to help induce weight loss. Another great alternative is sunflower or sesame seed oil.

Sour Cream vs. Greek Yogurt:

2x the calories or 3x the protein – which goal are you looking to achieve? With a similar base texture, Greek yogurt can be doctored up & tailored to fit all of your favorite sour cream recipes, no problem.

Croutons vs. Almonds:

The Almond nut is often offered in a variety of unique flavors, why not give it a try next time you make a salad to replace the bland bread bits. Great for snacking Almonds have 3x the fiber, 2x the protein & ⅓ the carbs of croutons – much better than seasoned stale bread.

Potato Chips vs. Popcorn:

Air popped popcorn carries 9x less saturated fat & ⅓ fewer calories than potato chips, this will be a swap that you will be able to feel. No more oily fingers after finished an 8oz bag of Frito Lays. Why have a serving of 14 chips when you can have 214 pieces of popcorn instead?

Iceberg Lettuce vs. Romaine Lettuce:

In comparison, Romaine lettuce trumps over Iceberg lettuce any day due to the small 17x more Vitamin A offered in each serving & over 4x the Vitamin K. Should we put Kale in the ring next to defeat a contender.

Bread Crumbs vs. Chia Seeds:

If you know the endless amount of benefits Chia Seeds carry like the ones mentioned HERE in our post, without a doubt you know it’s best to incorporate them into any meal when you can. What a genius idea to add them to salad or casseroles? Who knew!

Milk vs. Almond Milk:

Unbeknownst to most, regular milk actually carries a high volume of sugar almost 6x more than almond milk. Seeing that we often pair milk with other sugary items, it’s best to consume as little sugar throughout the day.

Juice vs. Water:

One of the most dramatic & effective replacements you could implement would be the kick of any juice or soda habit that you may have. Soda & juice carry just about the same amount of sugar contents per ounce. Ouch!

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