DIY: 7 Best Detox Water Recipes For Weight Loss

Best Detox Water Recipe

With many solutions, pills, & powders to aid in your weight loss – why take the time & spend the money to (hopefully) receive small results if you don’t really have to? Items including cinnamon, lemon, honey, & cranberries are just a few natural born ingredients that maintain your weight loss without the hefty price tags or any additional efforts. Using natural herbs, fruits & flavors is not only financially wise but in fact, yields quicker/stronger results in the long run. We’ve collected a few of our favorite DIY Detox Water inspiration to help you drink your way to your ideal weight loss.

1. Apple Cinnamon Detox Water

Add thinly sliced apples & 3 tbsp of cinnamon (or a cinnamon stick) into a pitcher filled with water. Add ice & allow to settle for at least 50 minutes refrigerated before serving. For an extra kick on the fat burning, add a dash of Cayenne pepper into your detox water to aid in kick-starting your metabolism in a spectacular weight. Not only does Cayenne Pepper help burn fat cells immensely, it also helps curb your appetite to avoid snacking. It’s win, win!

Best Detox Water Recipe

2. Raspberry Lemon Detox Water

2 cups Raspberries / 8 cups Water / 1 Lemon – Using these core ingredients, this detox water flavor is best served & stored in a 1-gallon clean glass jar. If you enjoy tart & sweet drinks, this is a superb option for you to replace the sugar-filled drinks you normally enjoy outside of your detox. Allow the water to infuse for about an hour. Lemons are a powerful natural detoxifier rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, & calcium.

Best Detox Water Recipe

3. Detox Spa Water

Often times you’ll visit a spa or upscale hotel & they offer complimentary infused water to help relax your system in efforts to pamper you. Why not pamper yourself & your body on a regular basis? Due to the sensitive ingredients in this mix, it’s advised to not let it sit more than 24hrs & is best served in a water bottle or small container. 8 cups Water/1 Cucumber (Wedged or Sliced)/1 Lemon (Wedged or Sliced)/10 Mint Leaves are called for, but it’s advised to add ingredients to your taste.

Best Detox Water Recipe

4. Grapefruit, Orange, and Cucumber

This decadent detox water is a dream for those who have a sweet tooth! Not only do these naturally acidic fruit infusers taste amazing in your cold water, but they burn fat without you even having to think about it. The cucumber adds a splash of something different to avoid the water from being TOO sweet. Detox or no detox, this infused water idea is an excellent replacement for sugary juices that you may normally enjoy otherwise. Did someone say citrus paradise?

Best Detox Water Recipe

5. Strawberry Watermelon Flush Fat Detox

As delicious as this detox water sounds, it is! Although it absolutely takes a sliver of effort to process & complete. Watermelon takes the effect of filling you up & detoxing your kidneys while lemon juice works on detoxifying your liver. Strawberries are just the sweet bonus by helping out with Vitamin C. Juicing these items & adding to water will not only make a great amount to last a few days, but it’s also a bit of a break from the traditional infused waters.

Best Detox Water Recipe

6. Ayurvedic Detox Water

Weight Loss, Clear Skin, Flat Belly & an Anti-Aging Detox all in one? Although it sounds far too good to be true – it isn’t.. This natural detox uses some of the finest ingredients to assure the toxins exit your system, although with this delicious & unique taste – it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to notice the detox. Not only does this unique Ayurveda provide all the qualities to help you easily cleanse your system, the taste is also surprisingly ravishingly delicious. A must try!

7. Blueberry Orange Infused Water

Naturally, we saved the best for last. If you’re a fan of sweet treats & enjoy your infused water on the unique side this recipe is not one to miss. Although it contains the most simple ingredients of blueberry & oranges, this detox water is packed with tons of antioxidants, zinc and vitamin C among a slew of other various other health benefits provided by these two super fruits. Add a dash of Cayenne pepper to this recipe to help boost your metabolism a bit. Served best chilled, this will be a recipe you’ll want to share with friends for the warmer upcoming seasons.

Best Detox Water Recipe

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