Benefits, Uses & Side-effects of Pineapples

Pineapples are beautiful fruits! The fact that they have flowers clinging around them makes them even more beautiful. No wonder kids love pineapples and so do adults. Have you ever known a kid who hates fruits? Just cut a slice of pineapple and he’ll eat it. Do you know why? It looks delicious, its shape is amazing, kids seem to love bright colors and oh, the taste… The taste is… *Out of words” What’s best about pineapples is that they don’t ripen after they’re harvested. The enzyme in pineapples has a lot of useful properties. Since it is extremely beneficial for health, many countries have started planting it. Costa Rica is the highest producer of pineapples. Countries like India, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia produce it too.

Let us understand why Pineapples are so good for our health.

Pineapples are made up of potassium, sodium, protein, and carbohydrate. They have vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium. The have sinapic acid, ferulic acid, vanillin, syringic acid, gentisic and gallic acid.

Benefits and uses of Pineapples

  1. Traditional uses: There are many traditional uses of pineapples. For example, brewing of pineapple wine, production of fiber, induce menstruation and abortion, kill parasitic amoebas and expel worms.
  2. Improves Bone Strength: Manganese in pineapples can make your bones very strong. It helps in connecting tissues and developing strong bones. It can even be good for people who suffer from osteoporosis.
  3. Enhances Eye Health: Pineapples have been said to improve health as they have lots of vitamins and minerals in them. It is a proven fact that pineapples can decrease the risk of macular degeneration. The antioxidants and Vitamin C in pineapples enhance vision.
  4. Improves digestion: The high amount of dietary fibers in pineapples can help ease the digestion process. It helps to keep the intestines healthy. Bromelain in pineapples can break down protein which smoothens the digestion and bowel movements.
  5. Reduces Inflammation: This anti-inflammatory fruit is really great for the people who constantly have to suffer from problems relating to inflammation. It has the power to cure osteoarthritis and cancers caused by inflammation.
  6. Prevents blood from clotting: Pineapples have a lot of potassium and potassium has vasodilating properties. It can prevent clots from blocking the flow of blood. Many people get heart attacks and strokes due to blood clots. Start eating pineapples regularly to save yourself from such troubles.
  7. Boosts Fertility: Drinking pineapple juice regularly can boost fertility in both men and women. The vitamins, minerals, copper, zinc, beta-carotene, and folate in pineapples can do a better job than many medicines.
  8. Fights constipation: Bromelain breaks down the protein, which fastens and smoothens the digestion. This helps in reducing bloating as well as constipation. Having a limited amount of pineapple every day can help overcome chronic constipation.
  9. Fights cancer: A lot of studies have shown that the bromelain in pineapples has anti-cancer properties. Pineapples work like a panacea if consumed regularly along with chemotherapy sessions. Pineapples can fight prostate and colon cancer easily.
  10. Prevents Asthma: The people who consume fewer nutrients can get asthma. Beta-carotene can be found in orange, yellow and dark green fruits only. Pineapples are full of such nutrients, especially beta-carotene. This is why you should consume pineapples daily.
  11. Maintains blood pressure: A lot of people complain about how their blood pressure shoots up. By increasing the intake of potassium, the blood pressure can be lowered. However, excessive potassium is not good either. So, do eat pineapples regularly but not excessively.
  12. Good for skin: Pineapples have vitamin C in them, which helps our skin to fight back the damage caused by pollution. It also increases collagen production and supports the skin.

Fortunately, pineapples are easily available these days. You can have them raw, dried and in the form of juice. Apart from the sweet benefits, let us have a look at the bitter side-effects of over-eating pineapples.

Side-effects of over-eating pineapples

  1. Beta-blockers: If you’re taking beta-blockers, a type of medication, then do not take high-potassium foods in excessive quantities. Consult your doctor before including pineapples in your diet.
  2. Damages teeth: Eating too many pineapples can cause desensitization of teeth or tooth decay. When one eats pineapples excessively, a chemical is produced in their mouth which softens the enamels and causes tooth decay. To avoid so, restrict yourself to eat only a little bit of the huge fruit every day.
  3. Drug interactions and allergies: Almost everyone takes medicines for the smallest reasons these days. Many people get allergic reactions because of pineapples. It can possibly because of drug interaction or maybe their bodies are allergic to pineapples or citric fruits.

The bottom line: The vibrant yellow, juicy flesh has a great flavor and aroma.

Eating pineapple can be great for health as it is filled with too many nutrients, but too much of it can have very unpleasant side-effects. This spiky fruit should be added to the diet only after consulting a doctor or a dietician as some people can have allergies. There is no harm in having a little bit of it every day. Even cutting a pineapple is an art to master. Let’s cherish this amazing tropical fruit with its benefits.

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