The 10 Best Thrift Stores for Trendy Treasures

Best Thrift Stores

Spotting the perfect items for summer can be tough, but why waste the time shopping from boutique to boutique when you don’t have to? Many discarded treasures live in thrift stores, with the conceptual idea one person’s misfit may be another person’s 5th world wonder. From oversized items you would never consider on the shelves of your favorite store, to the perfectly broken in pair of pants – there is truly no limit when it comes to the treasures to be found in the racks of your favorite local thrift shop. Your strongest prized possessions come most unexpected, with products of no prediction or precedent, taking the time to sift through thousands of items to find the perfect piece is well worth the hunt.

The BEST part of the adventure lies in the value you discover once the item you’ve discovered will not only be the perfect fit, but there is a high probability the golden item costs only a fraction of what you would have paid at your favorite specialty shop. Go figure? We’ve collected a small roster of our favorite thrift stores nationwide. Enjoy!

1. Buffalo Exchange – Various Locations Nationwide

One of the most well-known thrift stores nationwide, Buffalo Exchange has created a name for themselves as kingpin of thrifting as they allow fashionistas to trade in items of clothing in exchange for credit to shop in their store. With the strong variety of clientele, with various fashion styles – journeying through the racks at Buffalo Exchange is bound to be a superb experience.

2. Beacon’s Closet – Various Locations in NYC  

This Brooklyn based thrift shop is listed as one of the top 10 stores in NYC to shop. Their style is a mix of both modern, custom & vintage. If you are trying to find good quality clothing for cheap, Beacon’s Closet is your one-stop shop. You can even sell or trade your unwanted clothing for cash or store credit. In addition, Beacon’s Closet has more recently provided an online shop for customers located outside of the big apple. Sign us up!

3. Hidden Treasures – Topanga Canyon, CA  

The name truly suits this adorable & very rare thrift shop located in Topanga, CA. Each of their one of kind items are truly hidden gems. From vintage prom dresses to everyday shirts, this store has it all. Specializing in items from the 20’s – 90’s this shop is perfect for those that LOVE originally custom & vintage items that are truly one of a kind treasure.

4. Goodwill – Various Locations Nationwide  

If you want cute clothes, accessories or outerwear for the cheapest prices, Goodwill is the place to go. The best part is that they have stuff for kids, men, and women – so you can shop for anyone easily with no problem. Goodwill also hosts fun discounts like ‘Color of the Week’ – if you discover a treasure with that color on the tag you get 50% off of already significantly discounted items.

5. Salvation Army – Various Locations Nationwide  

Similar to Goodwill, the Salvation Army is a great place for everyone to shop for the most inexpensive prices. With locations nationwide, you are bound to find something cute & memorable in this store. There are unlimited styles to shop from, making your experience even more interesting. Let the treasure hunt begin!

6. Out of the Closet – Various Locations Nationwide  

Shiek & unique perfectly describe this retro closet. The perfect thrifting experience for the sophisticated fashionistas on a budget, with shops available nationwide Out of the Closet is the place to shop. These vintage clothes are perfect for those of you who like to be one of a kind.

7. Wasteland – Various CA Locations  

This Los Angeles & San Francisco based thrift store has a wide selection of vintage & trendy clothes. Wasteland originated as a thrift store, however it has now expanded to include an original clothing line as well in additon to opening two more lcoations in Santa Monica & Studio City. If you love designer but can’t afford the spiked retail prices, Wasteland will become your new BFF.

8. the Garment District – Cambridge, MA  

With only one location in existence, the Garment District is a historic thrift store not to pass up if you happen to be in the greater Boston area. The large building is a paradise of a thrift store carrying unique items that are also sold on their online store. If you’re looking for a stellar costume for any occasion, the Garment District is your best bet.

9. It’s A Wrap – Burbank, CA  

With a new location recently released on the Westside of Los Angeles, catering specifically to the ever growing community in Hollywood It’s A Wrap specializes in selling clothing direct from movie sets. How cool is that?! Think of your favorite television production, all of the costume & wardrobe that was collected – where does it go after the show completes filming? It’s a Wrap! If you make it to the greater Los Angeles area, this thrift store is a must stop.

10. Rumors Boutique – Various Locations  

This little nook of a thrift store is not only one of the most unique thrift stores in the central region of the country, but this shop also carries some of the most unique treasures collected from all over the world. This small specialty shop is the type of thrifting that leaves you bound to discover one of a kind items unlike anything else you’ll find elsewhere. Carrying lots of spunk & style, Rumors Boutique currently sells items via their Tumblr & Instagram accounts in addition to their storefronts.

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